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Maintenance & Repair Service

Coffee / Espresso Machine Repair and Service
We provide a wide range of services from providing espresso machine parts through to general maintenance and servicing.  Our technician services the whole island of Montreal and its suburbs.

Looking after your coffee machine
Coffee machines are expensive pieces of equipment that require regular maintenance.  An inefficient coffee machine will not perform to its optimum capabilities, and will eventually incur more costs and will produce a poor cup of coffee.
Spending a short amount of time each day making sure the machine is clean and working properly can save you time and money in the future.

Coffee Machine Service
We recommend that coffee machines be serviced every 12 months, to maximize their lifespan.  Ask us about our free annual coffee machine cleaning service we offer to qualified customers!

This can be carried out at your premises and depending on the type of machine, this would include:

  • Strip and clean group heads.
  • Replace washers, seals, shower plates, heads and gaskets.
  • Strip, check, clean steam and water valves and replace seals where necessary.
  • Check and adjust general machine settings.
  • Advice on general condition of the machine and parts required for replacement, at point of service and in the future.

Coffee Machine Breakdown / Repair
If there is a breakdown in your coffee machine or a repair is needed, we can send our experienced technician out to your place of business.  Our technicians carry the most common spare parts so that most problems can be repaired on site.
In the unlikely event that the machine could not be repaired on site, we would either arrange another on site visit if appropriate, or take the machine in to our state of the art workshop where we can deal with all types of repairs and refurbishments.

Contact Us
Our main priority is service and customer satisfaction.  Feel free to call us and speak to one of our operators or leave us a message with your questions you may have or to arrange a visit.

You can contact us by calling 514-889-5277 or by emailing us using our contact form .